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How we work

The foundation of our work

For us to create a great solution we believe it is essential to fully understand what you try to solve.

Together we will spend the time required to fully understand your requirements and discuss different ways to approach your challenges. Often the solution will be far better than expected when we dive into the possibilities provided by modern technology.

When, and only when, we fully understand the challenge you try to solve, we dive into prototyping one or two key areas of the solution and dynamically grow from there – We start small and scale fast!

You, as a customer, don’t see IT Projects as a static big bang. You understand that the best solutions are created dynamically and continuously evolve into something greater as new ideas emerge.

Male working to find solutions
Male working to find solutions

Start small - scale fast

With our many years of experience, we have found that we get off to the best start on projects when we start small and create the workflow based on this. 

We break down issues into smaller tasks and then estimate and prioritize them as the first thing in the workflow. This way we can deliver the most needed features first.

Project management is key to all our projects. This helps both the customer and ourselves understand the scope of the project. It also makes it easy to see time spent vs estimates.

Hand on computer mouse
Hand on computer mouse
Writing on board
Writing on board

A typical workflow

We listen to your problems and challenge them, analyze possible solutions and in collaboration with you, we choose the right one.

We develop in iterations and give you access to the system early on. This way you help shape the system and lets you follow the process closely.

We prefer this ongoing process instead of spending months of preliminary analysis upfront.

The development process

We work in iterations where we analyze, develop, test, and lastly evaluate the output of the iteration.  

A workflow and use cases are broken down into programmable tasks.

When a task is completed, it is reviewed by a colleague to improve the quality of the code and help us learn from each other – constantly improving our knowledge and skills.

The feature is tested internally before letting you test it.

In collaboration with you, we evaluate everything developed in the iteration: Are we solving the problem? Did we discover new needs that we did not know in the beginning? What should we focus on in the next iteration?

Illustration of the ongoing working process at Millers

Open to changes now and in the future

The system requirements always change along the way as a project progresses. New requirements are discovered and some become obsolete.

Our development process is a perfect fit for handling and adapting to these changes – resulting in a much better end product.

A system should be dynamic rather than static – this is why we focus on making it easy to change so it can change along with your business needs in the future.

Colleagues talking about a project
Colleagues talking about a project
Man working onsite at the customer
Man working onsite at the customer

On-site with you

We prioritize a close ongoing contact with you. It assures us that we are on the right track. and allows you to be deeply involved from the beginning.  

Our experience has shown that we both get the most out of our resources when we sit on-site together on a daily or weekly basis. We also have great facilities for you to work from our location with our entire team.   

It provides a unique opportunity to clarify issues immediately and strengthens our relationship.



We managed to reduce our inventory by 20% and at the same time improve our availability.

– Daniel Kirk Sørensen,

We succeeded in increasing our availability from 75% in 2018 to an average of 96% in 2019.

– Martin Rasmussen,

In nine months we were able to reduce our inventory by 30% and improve our availability.

– Cristopher Koch,
Søsterne Grene