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About Millers

The core of Millers

At Millers, we love developing awesome products!

Awesome products arise when great developers are given the freedom to be creative on ideas and features that are not necessarily in the requirement specification or even considered to be in scope.

While some of these creations end up in the trash others are truly game-changing for our customers in how they work and perform their daily business.

We often stray from the requirement specification – We explore our ideas and create new and innovative features because WE believe it makes far better solutions.

Our customers constantly want to become better and more efficient. They want to exploit technology to gain that crucial edge over their competitors.

If you can think it, we can do it.

Millers logo at office
Millers logo at office

The foundation of our work

For us to create a great solution we believe it is essential to fully understand what you try to solve.

Together we will spend the time required to get a full understanding of your requirements and discuss different ways to approach your challenges. Often the solution will be far better than expected when we dive into the possibilities provided by modern technology.

When, and only when, we have a full understanding of the challenge you try to solve, we dive into prototyping one or two key areas of the solution and dynamically grow from there – We start small and scale fast!

You, as a customer, don’t see IT Projects as a static big bang. You understand that the best solutions are created dynamically and continuously evolve into something greater as new ideas emerge.

Male working to find solutions
Male working to find solutions
Computer screen with code
Computer screen with code

Our passion

We love the beauty and art of clean and top-performing code. 

We enjoy solving complex challenges and strive to stay updated on the latest tools and technologies to deliver the best possible solutions.

We are happy when we deliver extraordinary solutions that greatly improve the business of our customers.



We managed to reduce our inventory by 20% and at the same time improve our availability.

– Daniel Kirk Sørensen,

We succeeded in increasing our availability from 75% in 2018 to an average of 96% in 2019.

– Martin Rasmussen,

In nine months we were able to reduce our inventory by 30% and improve our availability.

– Cristopher Koch,
Søsterne Grene

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