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Key to success

Our secret to success is developers with deep business understanding combined with true full-stack skills capable of delivering end-to-end solutions. Eliminating the vast amount of time being spent between internal IT, infrastructure, database, backend, frontend, project managers, and consultants.

After understanding your requirements, we will quickly set up a test and development environment addressing key concepts of the solution. We will typically have working prototypes within 2-4 weeks.

You will be involved in the solution from the very beginning with access to prototypes – the solution and your ambitions will grow as you see the possibilities unfold. We welcome dynamic changes.

Together we will create the perfect solution for you.

Male working to find solutions
Male working to find solutions


With FashionBoard you have easy access to all relevant information along with our intelligent suggestions making it easy for you to make optimal decisions.

FashionBoard consists of 3 integrated solutions supporting your planning and logistics decisions throughout the entire product life cycle from the first buy to end-of-life. 

Demand Planning covers creating and planning incoming purchase and production orders to central warehouses to ensure you have a perfect balance between stock levels and availability.

Replenishment helps you optimize the stock and sales of your own and your business partners’ stores. Replenishment provides great tools for Product Assortment Planning with regard to store capacity and market trends.

Style Investment makes your purchase of seasonal products less of a gamble. We use historical data, and current in-sale performance combined with soft evaluations to give you an easy-to-understand suggestion and help you keep your investments in line with realistic expectations and aligned with sales budgets.

Millers solutions - Millers FashionBoard
Millers solutions - Millers FashionBoard
Millers solutions - Marine logistics
Millers solutions - Marine logistics


Marine logistics helps you manage the transport of your customers’ goods to their vessel or agent. You can easily manage the purchase orders/goods and communicate with your agents that move the goods.

It is easy to plan the entire route from the production facility/warehouse to the final destination, may it be airfreight, truck, or sea freight.

The system helps you manage the economy; Get prices from your agents and send quotes to your customers.

Marine logistics also includes a customer portal, where your customers can book, ask for quotes and see a range of reports about the goods and the journey they have been on. 

Millers vision

Millers VISION scans documents to extract information about your customers’ orders.

We can integrate your customers’ item numbers to further boost the reading capabilities, allowing your customers to send an order list using only their item numbers.

Millers VISION can be combined with a custom solution – build to meet your exact needs – or it can be accessed through an API.

Millers VISION will help you save a lot of manual labor reading the order documents for you.  

Millers solutions - Millers VISION
Millers solutions - Millers VISION

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