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FashionBoard updates Q1 2023


In the planning screen, it is possible to add open orders to the forecast. They added by pressing the button marked in red.

Potential lost sales in planning

Lost Sales can be seen below as a new line in the planning screen. The potential lost sale shows the quantity you cannot deliver based on inventory, forecast, and selected size split. Potential lost sales are calculated until the next possible delivery.

In the details section at the bottom, the tab shows the potential lost sales by size.

Under style master data, total potential lost sales across sizes are seen.

Salesdetails in planning

It is possible to tap on a weekly value in “Open orders” to see details about customers and order types. The details are sorted by order size with largest at the top.

You can also see the sales details from the last 12 weeks of sales.  Here you can tap on total for the week or on a value for a single brand/country to see the sales figures for that individual.


Three new reports

Three new reports have been added: Lost Sales, Open Purchase Orders, and Size Split Error.

Lost sales report

The report shows a comprehensive view of the company’s potential losses, across planners, within the products’ lead time.

The following delivery is a scheduled order, so you can quickly get an overview of whether new items have been ordered.

Open Purchase Orders report

The report shows all open shopping lines on style options. It is possible to see the number of days until expected receipt, so you can follow up on orders that should have been received.

TIP: Find unsuitable purchases by sorting the report by decreasing week cover and quickly see if anything has been ordered that may not make sense

It is possible to view sizes for a style by clicking on “Style Option Id”. In this screen, you will see all future orders on the selected style option – and the specific purchase order you pressed will be unfolded at size level.

It is also possible to tap on the order number in the report, which will show an overview of the entire purchase order, where the line you clicked on will be unfolded at the size level.

Size Split Error report

The report shows the styles that do not have a correct size split. It typically occurs with new styles that have no sales history or older styles where you add or remove a size. It is important to correct the styles, otherwise, correct suggestions will not be formed – Styles with 0 in split will not form suggestions at all.

You can see the individual sizes and their split by hovering your mouse over “Sum split”.

Marking styles in reports and link to the planning screen

In style name reports, icons indicate whether the product is blocked (padlock) or new (star). Blocked and days since the first receipt can typically also be selected as a filter in the reports.

It is possible to navigate directly to the planning screen by tapping on a product in the reports.


Reporting - Excel cubes and Power BI model

Lost sales and weighted availability have been added to reporting models.

Sales details in the Excel cube are now tied to the delivery date instead of the creation date, which is consistent with what you see in FashionBoard. Using the period dimension for “Created Date” is possible if you want to report on the creation date.

Fashionboard has had many updates in the past year!