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With FashionBoard you have easy access to all relevant information along with our intelligent suggestions making it easy for you to make optimal decisions.

FashionBoard consists of 3 integrated solutions supporting your planning and logistics decisions throughout the entire product life cycle from the first buy to end-of-life:

  • Demand Planning,
  • Replenishment, and
  • Style Investment.
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Demand Planning

Demand Planning covers creating and planning incoming purchase and production orders to central warehouses to ensure you have a perfect balance between stock levels and availability.


Replenishment helps you optimize the stock and sales of your own and your business partners’ stores. 

Replenishment provides great tools for Product Assortment Planning with regard to store capacity and market trends.


style investment

Style Investment makes your purchase of seasonal products less of a gamble. 

We use historical data, and current in-sale performance combined with soft evaluations to give you an easy-to-understand suggestion. 

We also help you keep your investments in line with realistic expectations and aligned with sales budgets.

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