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FashionBoard - Demand Planning

Demand planning

FashionBoard Demand Planning is a tool to manage your supply chain and optimize inventory. Creating and planning income purchase and production orders to streamline processes. 

We use historical data to optimize the balance between stock levels and availability. This reduces risks by making decisions based on data.

Analyzes is based on historical data, past performance, and upcoming trends – All to minimize inventory while increasing availability.

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demand planning features

mass editing

Among other things edit supplier information and seasonality profiles at overall levels to  minimize errors and optimize processes. 


Work actively with the products based on the ABC classification by making agreements on quantity discounts on AA products.

stockout periods

Get an overview of stockout periods for each style, and let FashionBoard take this into account when making the forecast.


Decide whether an unusually large order should count towards the forecast or be omitted because it has been a one-time order.

weighted availability

Get a real picture of a style’s availability, because we take into account what percentage the individual size sells for.

abc analysis

Gain insight into how much revenue and how much stock each classification group accounts for and occupies.


Among other thing the reports gives you stock analysis to make sure you place orders for the right styles.

fabrics management

Closing stock let you know when to make new fabrics booking in order to be able to produce the placed orders.

seasonality profiles

Define seasonality profiles for seasonal styles and take it into account when placing purchases.


Increase sales

Invest in your most important products to increase availability of the products and get the most revenue.

Avoid stockouts

Prioritize time on the products that offer the most returns and make sure you don’t run out of those products.

Increase availability

Historical data, complex calculations and comparison with similar styles make it possible to increase availability on each style.

reduce inventory

Accurate forecasts ensure high availability of the products, and at the same time reduce inventory significantly.

Increase efficiency

Spend your time wisely and most efficient by focusing on the styles that give you the most value.

reduce overproduction

Discover upcoming trends while they are on the way and react to it immediately to reduce overproduction. 

style investment

Style Investment gives you easy-to-understand suggestions, and lets you decide if the style is in. 

We use historical data, current in-sale performance, and soft evaluations to determine how and if you should gamble on styles in a new collection. 

Upcoming features for demand planning

New platform

We will be upgrading the platform for better performance and better possibilities to scale. 

More security

We know how vulnerable your data is, which is why we want to make the platform even more secure than it is at the moment.

supplier portal

Let your suppliers put in information about production status, see order overviews, and give feedback on raw materials. 

Complete material management

Manage your materials down to the level of buttons and zippers.

Management by exceptions

Notifies if something needs to be checked or stands out from the crowd.

extended in-app reports and integrations

Integrate external systems with FashionBoard and make reporting smarter.

Pim system

Handling colors, images, master data, compositions, datasheets and product dimensions.

multisite planning

Place orders that fulfill minimum order quantity, but distribute the goods between warehouses located at different locations.

Transport optimization

Fill the container or plane with the goods that provide the most value in relation to the coming period.


Replenishment provides great tools for Product Assortment Planning with regard to store capacity and market trends.

Replenishment helps you optimize the stock and sales of your own and your business partners’ stores. 


Do you want to know more about Fashionboard demand planning?

Let’s have a non-committal talk about how you can benefit from FashionBoard Demand Planning in optimizing the balance between stock levels and availability.